F.P Biddle is the author of The Wandering Mind.  She is of Maori Descent, and hails from New Zealand, but currently resides in Perth, Western Australia with her partner of fifteen years, and her six year old daughter.  She and her partner have just become Independent Business Owners, and work in partnership with a global essential services company.  This is the first time they have both undertaken a business venture, and both are excited, and look forward to the challenges and obstacles as they work their way towards financial freedom.

Aside from being actively involved in her daughter and her partners life, F.P Biddle also holds down a part-time job as a ‘cleaner’, and is a drummer/musician with a five-piece cover band called Manaia Music.  Manaia Music frequently gigs around Perth City, and their genres include reggae, rhythm and blues, pop, funk and old school kiwi music.

The Wandering Mind is F.P Biddles latest project.  This blog aims to touch on a wide range of subjects, with a special emphasis on human behaviour, personal growth and psychological development.  F.P Biddle definitely possesses the life experience necessary to speak on such matters.  She has long since suspected that she has bipolar disorder, is a survivor of depression, suicide, self-harm, and comes from an environment where domestic, physical, emotional and sexual abuse was prevalent.

However, despite the volatile nature of her past, F.P Biddle considers herself to be an upbeat and positive person.  She is at the stage in her life where she is one hundred percent ready for personal growth, and is zealous in her quest to beat her demons.  She is using her passion for the written word to blog about matters of the heart.  To inform, to share her experiences, to grow, and, ultimately, to hopefully inspire and ignite change in the hearts of people out there who have walked a mile in the same shoes as she has.

So please, enjoy.  At times, the content may get a little R-Rated, but this is simply because the author prefers to write straight from the heart.  All comments welcome, good and bad.  The works in here are one hundred percent original, and subject to copyright laws.  Please be advised that the opinions written in The Wandering Mind are solely that of the author, and do not represent any other person, company, business, in any way or form, whatsoever.

God Bless.  And thank you for stopping in.