FORGET IT!!! The only solution to negativity.

The power of negativity is much stronger than most people realise. The more me and my partner pull ourselves away from the norm in attempt to move forward, the more we are becoming aware of just how prevalent negativity is in today’s society.

Everyday, we are nose deep in books and studying philosophy on the greatest men and women that ever lived.  We are doing this in an effort to shift our mindset, and eliminate the negative influences going on in our own lives. We did not count on the deep awakening that would take place. Even my partner is alarmed, now that he is becoming more self-aware.

When you step back from something, and look at it with eyes truly open, you really begin to see things for what they are. This is becoming apparent the more we deal with each other, with the people that we love, or just with people in general. And its fast becoming a powerful lesson for us, in terms of learning how to counter it, rather than react to it.

Negativity rules the majority. And we don’t even realize it. That’s stating it how it is. It comes in many forms and disguises, and we have become so wrapped up in it that we wouldn’t recognize it if it came up and jabbed us in the nose.

Throughout most of my life, I considered myself to be a fairly positive person. And now I’m beginning to realize that, even though the intentions were right, the way I went about it was so very wrong.

For example, I’ve always felt the need to prove myself to others. This was the strong, fixed mindset that I had, and it drove me incessantly. Proving people wrong was power to me, and I would gloat silently when I ended up achieving something nobody ever thought I could achieve.

I also had this unexplainable need to always be in competition with my partner – probably one of the main reasons why we were always at loggerheads!!

Without going too much into it, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that years of egotistical power trips, and unjust pride, have run its course in my life. It took me falling down and nearly losing everything for me to realize that there is nothing positive about one-upping anyone, as the only person you hurt is yourself.

This is just my battle with negativity. It comes in so many other forms. It comes disguised as fear, no self-faith, or no self-love. It could be your reaction to the world around you – a world where so much ugliness is pushed in front of your nose everyday. It could be that your brewing inside with frustration, resentment, jealousy, bitterness, and just don’t know how to stop it.

On Saturday just gone, I attended a training seminar in Melville, and one of the guest speakers advised something that resonated deeply with me. This woman has about eight hundred plus people under her, yet she is so down to earth – no airs – just all humbleness, with a quirky sense of humour to boot. In her speech, she emphasised the importance of moving on rapidly, when something isn’t working. If you are conducting your business a certain way, and it isn’t working – forget it. If you are dealing with someone who is negative – forget them. If you make mistakes, or trip up – forget it. This is something she repeated at vantage points, throughout her entire speech.

I’m not even sure why I was so touched, as I have heard this saying a million times. The only difference with this time is…it actually hit home…and hard. I guess that can be attributed to the fact that both me and my partner are absolutely ready. Ready for change – and ready to receive the message.

But that saying, it definitely can be applied to the negative forces in your life.

Forget it. Just forget it.

If it doesn’t make you feel good – forget it.

If it doesn’t support or encourage you – forget it.

If it gives you yukky feelings – forget it.

If it doesn’t lead you to happiness, success, wealth, good health – which is something WE ALL deserve by the way – forget it.

Don’t try to fight the old, but concentrate instead on building the new.

Focus all that energy, not on the negative, but on the positive of every situation.

As whatever you give your energy to, that’s what manifests more of in your life.

Anything negative going on in your life – just FORGET IT!!


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