Do you want to succeed in life? Then kick these five habits to the curb…ASAP!

Approximately one week ago, me and my partner took a leap of faith, and brought our own business. As we all know, buying a business is a massive step, and can be somewhat daunting.

I was rather shocked, actually, that my partner even considered it, much less jumped all in head first, and brought it without blinking an eyelid. Because if you know my partner, you would know that he is not the impulsive type, and has always been the one to play it safe. On the other hand, I, myself, have no qualms jumping into unknown territory, and have always lived life on the edge. So this is nothing surprising with me.

Am I excited? God yes!! Am I scared? A little. But more than anything, I am one hundred percent ready. I am ready because I am more open-minded, more centered, and have (halleluajah!!) finally matured ‘upstairs’.  Knowing that my man is involved with what he would have once called a rip off scheme puts a whole new spin on it, as this tells me that he is dead serious, and I better be ready to step up to the plate on this one!

And step up to the plate I am ready to do!  I am in this one hundred percent, and am excited about what our future holds.  Once my partner commits to something, hes in it to win it, and me, being his wifey, I am totally going to work with and fully support him in reaching and smashing out all our business goals!

A change is coming!  When we decide on a joint venture TOGETHER, the results are usually astronomical! I don’t think Perth is ready for us, to be honest!

But…and there is a but…coming back down to reality, I am fully aware that I have to make some serious, serious CHANGES if this business venture has any hope of becoming something truly fruitful.  We both do.  A bunch of these changes are swirling around in my head right this very minute, but for now, I am going to focus on on one thing.


We all have them, whether they are good habits or whether they are bad. They can either add quality to our lives, or they can absolutely stunt it. I’ve been on both the good and bad side, and know what needs to be done.  Being highly productive, and practicing good habits on a daily basis not only keeps you on your toes, but is also very effective when it comes to getting important tasks done.

Based on my own personal experience, here are my top five habits that I believe could be a hindrance to success, and need to be kicked to the curb…ASAP!!


This one is right at the very top for a reason. Social media is great for keeping in touch with family and friends, good marketing for businesses, and informative when it comes to knowing what is going on in the world. But it is also one of the biggest time wasters known to man. The time spent on social media posting, photo editing, fishing for likes, seeking validation from others, playing games, stalking or doing nothing more than mindless scrolling, can run into hours, sometimes all day. Staying up late on social media is common, but disastrous, as the next morning you are tired, and your focus dips, causing you to be less productive. The pull of social media is that powerful, that there is even a disorder attributed to it. Unless you are networking, chatting to your sister overseas, or earn your main salary from social media, limit the time you spend on it, and watch how your day to day productivity grows!!



This one resonates strongly with me, and is probably going to be the most difficult habit for me to break out of. Most nights, I get four hours sleep. Five, if im lucky. Constantly staying up late most nights, and not getting enough sleep, is probably one of the highest killers of productivity out. When you don’t get enough sleep, you become lethargic, and your productivity and focus levels drop big time. Set a time to go to bed each night, and stick with it!! Aim for seven hours sleep. If you have trouble shutting down your mind at night, avoid coffee in the afternoon. I would also suggest listening to a hypnosis audio, as the calming music will have you nodding off to dream land in no time at all.


This one is common sense. Falling off the health wagon is common, we all do it. But don’t make it a habit that turns into days, weeks, or months, as this could seriously affect your ability to be productive. When you exercise regularly, drink a lot of water, eat properly and generally take care of your health and well-being, you will feel at your best. Which will, in turn, help you perform at your best. Everyone has 20 minutes a day to spare for exercise, so don’t make trivial excuses. Just do it. Consistency is key, get into the routine of doing something, every single day. Don’t skip meals, and eat little portions – as often as you can. Eat for fuel often, and for pleasure less.  Avoid grabbing things on the go, and learn to meal prep. But most importantly, stay hydrated! Incorporate these habits into your everyday routine, and stick with them. Being healthy makes you feel good, and, guaranteed, if your feeling good, your productivity and performance will shoot sky high!!


Being able to multi-task is a good skill. But what happens when you are aiming to get one hundred and one tasks completed in one day? Something has to give, and results aren’t as good as they could be. This is because you are focused on completing the list rather than completing the task. When making your lists, make them in order of importance – for example URGENT, IMPORTANT, NOT THAT IMPORTANT etc, and focus on each task separately as you go. This way, you can achieve the task competently. With repetitive practice, you will then be able to perform tasks both competently, and efficiently.


There is nothing worse than being so caught up in drama and negativity that you lose your focus, and become side-tracked. Unfortunately, negativity can come in many forms, some you may not even be aware of. It could be that your having issues with your family. But then it could also be something as trivial as how you react to the world around you. Maybe you saw a dramatic post on social media, and felt the need to say something. Maybe you saw some ugly news event happening around the world, and it propelled you into a pool of despair. Maybe something made you angry, and you decided to vent about it on Facebook. Maybe its something as simple as the crowd that you hang with. It could be anything, and being aware of this is crucial, as this negative energy could impact your life more than you think. Distance yourself from the masses, and stay focused. Surround yourself with affirmations, powerful positive influences, and people on the same mission as you are.

This will help you stay on track. The more you learn to steer clear of negativity, the more you will move forward in leaps and bounds, and rise in ways you never thought possible!

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